Signature White Wine Case


Taste the flavour, and savour the experience of summer whites. In this box, you will find six bottles of that holiday feeling.

Signature White Wine Case – White Wine Perfection This Summer

For those of us looking to enjoy the lighter side of life, in this lightest of seasons, it really is the best time of year.


Sit outside
Clutch a glass of something cold and delightful and
Watch it bead with tempting condensation

Now, taste the flavour and savour the experience – simple eh?

In this box, you will find six bottles of that exact sensation.

We’re going for vibrant, fresh, citrusy and floral styles here. Nothing too oily, oaky, savoury or aromatic.

Rest assured that the person writing this developed a terrible thirst and immediately went and got a glass of something similar. An international range of wines, all personally picked by Anthony Reynolds, our Head of Wine. As ever, it comes with a tasting and food matching guide, written by Anthony. It’ll be just like being on your holidays.

Contents: Six 75cl bottles of fine wine.

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