Order & Collect
– ‘Order & Collect’ is a bespoke service, with no minimum spend. Please email us on [email protected] for more information, and to place your order.

– We currently offer from-the-door collections on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, but the days available may increase.
– This consists of timed, ten-minute slots, more may be added if demand is high.
– Feel free to indicate your date/time preference when ordering.
– In order to keep everyone safe, we kindly ask that upon collection, you stand at least 2m from the door while we open it, set your order down for you to pick up, and close it over again.
– Payment can be made in advance by Paypal, or by card and/or cash upon collection.
– For Paypal payments, you simply log-in and use our email address ([email protected]) to send the funds.
– For cash payments, we will need the exact change, sealed in a bag or envelope. There is no cash/change kept on-site.
– Order deadline is 12pm on the collection day.
– You may be required to present valid ‘proof-of-age’ identifaction in order to receive your goods.

Local Delivery
– All Local Delivery orders are bespoke. Please email us on [email protected] for more information, and to place your order.

– We currently offer deliveries within a 5-mile radius of Marchtown on Saturdays, but these distances and days may increase if demand is high.
– Delivery window is 12pm-5pm.
– Minimum order is £60. A £5 delivery charge applies. Free delivery on orders over £150.
– We will require customers to be available to receive delivery during the entire 12pm-5pm delivery window. We will do our utmost to ensure you receive your order, but we cannot leave packages unattended. Any missed deliveries will require a £5 redelivery or collection from Marchtown.
– In order to keep everyone safe, we kindly ask that customers meet us at their front door so we can confirm you have received your order, but to stand at a distance of at least 2m at all times. Please understand that we will not be able to enter your premises or help you carry items indoors.
– When ordering please include full names, addresses and telephone numbers of both the person ordering the delivery and the person receiving it (if different).
– Payments must be made in advance by Paypal, or by card over the phone.
– For Paypal payments, customers can log-in and use our email address ([email protected]) to send the funds.
– Order and Payment deadline is 10am on the delivery day, and all items must be paid for before they leave Marchtown.
– You may be required to present valid ‘proof-of-age’ identifaction in order to receive your goods.

E-Commerce & Delivery

– E-Commerce refers to any products purchased via our website, all of which are subject to Delivery via Courier.

– All online orders must be paid in advance, and accompanied with all necessary contact details before goods can be dispatched.
– We only deliver to UK addresses.
– We aim to get all deliveries made within 3-5 working days, however we cannot always guarantee this time-frame, especially when shipping to rural and island destinations.
– For all non-local deliveries, we contract the services of a 3rd party Courier, and from the point of dispatch, the remainder of the delivery contract will be between the Customer and the Courier.
– The Courier will liaise with the Customer to provide details of delivery windows once your order has been dispatched. Marchtown will do what it can to assist in the delivery process, but the responsibility for this service ultimately lies with the Courier.
– The Courier is responsible for the goods in transit and any damage to goods, or breakages caused in transit, must be recorded and reported at point of receipt for refunds or replacements to be issued. Once received, the goods are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
– If after numerous failed attempts at delivery, the Courier returns the goods to Marchtown, any re-delivery from our stockroom will be at the Customer’s expense. Goods returned in salable condition will be eligible for a Refund.
– If the Customer requests a Refund within two hours of ordering, this Refund will be processed. Marchtown can only guarantee this two-hour ‘cooling off’ period, but may be able to process Refund requests for older orders that have not yet been dispatched – the time-frame between order and dispatch will vary.
– If the Customer requests a Refund after the point of dispatch, this will only be possible pending a Product Return.
– Product Returns must be made at the Customer’s own expense and Marchtown will only Refund for undamaged and unopened products. The customer is responsible for the products in transit and Marchtown will not refund for damage or breakages incurred in transit, so the use of a recorded courier delivery is recommended.
– In the case of the Customer not being fully satisfied with the condition or quality of the product after successful delivery, they should contact Marchtown directly. Marchtown cannot guarantee replacement products or Refunds for all cases of product flaw (cork infection, oxidisation, etc), but will approach each case on merit and strive to offer a satisfying resolution.
– You may be required to present valid ‘proof-of-age’ identifaction in order to receive your goods.


1. The Services
The Supplier has agreed to provide you with the Services as are detailed in our Events Listing and/or Agreement. No booking will be confirmed until you have booked by paying the entry fee (see clause 3, below).
Any changes to your booking made within 14 days of the Event cannot be guaranteed, although the Supplier will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.
2. Cost
The cost of the Services is as set out in the Events Listing and/or the Agreement. However, the Supplier reserves the right to revise any cost in the event of unforeseen or extenuating circumstances (e.g. where you alter your order within 14 days of the Event). The Client will be notified of any alteration to cost as soon as is reasonably practicable.
3. Deposit
A deposit equivalent to the full entry fee is required to reserve bookings at the Event in the Supplier’s diary, unless otherwise specified in the Events Listing and/or Agreement.
Payment of the deposit is required at the time of booking. Where the Client fails to pay the deposit, the Supplier will be under no obligation to provide the Services for the Event. The Supplier will not be liable for any loss incurred by the Client where the Supplier is subsequently unable to provide the Services on the Event due to the Client’s failure to comply with the terms of this clause.
4. Cancellation
In the unlikely event that the Supplier has to cancel this contract for reasons beyond control, (death, injury, sickness etc.), a full refund of all monies paid will be issued.
Should the Client cancel their booking, as compensation for loss of income for that day, the following charges apply as a percentage of the total fee due and will be due by the Client to the Supplier.

Number of days before the Event:
7 days or less
7-28 days
28+ days
Charge to Client:
100% of total booking cost
50% of total booking cost
Full refund applicable


5. Creative License
The Client hereby grants the Supplier creative and artistic license in relation to the choice of activities and materials used in providing the Services.
Every effort is made to source products accordingly, and the Supplier undertakes to supply any specific activities and materials discussed at the time of booking (as will be confirmed in the Events Listing and/or Agreement). However if any activities and materials discussed in the events listing are not available to order as at the Event Date, we reserve the right to substitute them with an appropriate replacement of our choice. Where possible, the Supplier will seek to discuss any alternative arrangements to be made in advance of the Event Date.
6. Damage and Breakages
Props, equipment, or other items provided by the Supplier in provision of the Services are on loan to the Client and remain the property of the Supplier. The Client must return all such items (as will be detailed in the quotation document) to the Supplier after the Event. The Client (and no other 3rd party, e.g. Event Facilitator) will be solely responsible for any loss or damage to the Supplier’s property which must be replaced or paid for by the Client.
Where the Client provides its own props, glassware or materials to the Supplier for the provision of the Services, it does so at its own risk. Although every care will be taken to protect such items, the Supplier cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during this time. Any breakages will be notified to the Client, who will have sole responsibility to repair or replace any damaged items at the the Client’s own expense.
Props, equipment, or other items are on loan to you by Marchtown and any loss or damage of these must be replaced or paid for by the Client.
7. Confidentiality
The Supplier will do the utmost to preserve the Client’s confidentiality prior to the Event and no details of the Services will be provided to any 3rd party other than the Client unless prior written approval is provided by the Client.
The Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that, for promotional purposes, the Supplier may exhibit the Client’s event photographs on its blog, website or other relevant websites, exhibitions, editorials, digital and print marketing as part of our portfolio, with permission from the photographer. The Supplier acknowledges that the use of any such photographs will be under licence only and it will only use such photographs in accordance with the permission obtained by the copyright holder, together with any conditions attached to the same.
8. General
If any provision of this contract shall be held to be illegal or unenforceable in whole or in part such provision shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this contract and the enforceability of the remainder of these terms shall not be affected.
9. Applicable law
This contract shall be governed by Scots’ law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.