Specialism, Expertise and Quality

At MARCHTOWN, our main function is that we house a specialist off-licence bottle-shop!

Our wine and craft beer shop offers the finest and most exciting selection in the southside of Glasgow.  Whether you are cooking, entertaining, or just having a relaxing night in, we will offer advice and recommendations to make sure you take away the perfect bottle.

We also offer regular, informative wine, beer and spirits tasting events so you can learn more about the drinks you love.


Our drink-in wine and beer list is huge – and always changing. Not only does it include every bottle from the off-licence shop – a lovingly selected range is always available by the glass for guests to enjoy as they eat, or stop by to join in an evening in the cafe. We carry a small range of exceptional ‘house’ wines, alongside an ever-changing list of special parcels.

Craft beer is a real boom area in the culinary world, and Scotland is leading the way. This offers us the opportunity to combine our love of great flavours and high quality products with our desire to stock local produce. We deal directly with breweries and will regularly invite them to come showcase their products to the community. As with the wine list, we offer both on and off sales of frosty-cold craft beers.

We also have a small, perfectly-formed list of premium and specialised spirits (again with a focus on local produce) and a small house cocktail list for those who enjoy something a little different.

Alongside our specialist alcoholic offerings, we have a menu of non alcoholic beverages, hot and cold, from fizzy to fresh to flavoured.