What's been happening in March?

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Given that March is our Birthday Month, allow us to share some highlights from over the years!

Here is James, our sign-writer (aka Saloon Signs, if you want to hit him up) making the first strokes of our famous Stag Mural on the shop front, back in 2016. It still looks Ace!

Here it is, all finished and shiny - and in a past life, it seems... As you all know we're a shop nowadays, but at least you can enjoy our fine wares anywhere in the country nowadays!

And here's one of our first wine tastings, back in the day... Look at everyone standing less than 2m apart! Lots of great memories and friends made over the years.


Something I learned: Inspector Peringuey

There's a very nice Chenin Blanc in the shop named after one 'Inspector Peringuey', who turns out to be very important in the history of wine.
In 1865, a huge number of French vineyards were developing lesions and perishing. The losses were severe and the cause unknown. Four years later it was discovered that someone had planted vines from America and unknowingly introduced a new pest from overseas.

American vines had evolved an immunity to this pest named Phylloxera, and the South African botanist Louis Peringuey led the battle against phylloxera. The solution was to graft quarantined roots of the immune American root-stocks with their native vines!