People + Planet


  • We have been proudly serving our community since 2016, and humbly supported by them along the way. In a typically Glaswegian way, we aim to keep things simple, but special.
  • No superiority
  • No stuffiness
  • No nonsense
  • We are a living wage employer
  • We put our customers at the heart of everything we do
  • We are funny people and actively make people smile... just read our blog!
  • We support a different local charity every month


  • Plastic-free and 100% recycled packaging
  • We are also constantly trying to get as close to zero waste as possible. We have four types of recycling collected from our store, and all of our delivery packaging is either re-used or recycled, and any bespoke packaging we use is 100% recyclable, plastic-free and bleach-free.
  • It means our delivery boxes look cute and quirky, but the conscience rests easy.
  • We support 1% for the planet to off-set our carbon footprint and make a positive...


    • We want to offer highest quality wine (and other drinks) at a budget dictated by you, alongside as much advice and info as you could ever need or want.
    • We strive to only stock low-intervention wines, made in small-scale production, and with the most environmentally kind practices possible. The vast majority of what we stock will tick at least one of these boxes, however we also don't prioritise certain practices or styles to the exclusion of others.
    • For example, some regions and countries have no choice but to forego Organic status and use pesticides if they are going to successfully make wine at all, but they can still be ethical about it. Equally, some grapes might be too pale in pigment to be made into 'Orange' Wine, but the winemaker might still adopt long periods of skin exposure in the process all the same.
    • We choose our wines carefully, and love them all equally.