Why should I buy Wine cases at Marchtown?

All the wine cases you can order from Marchtown are hand-selected by the company founder and Head of Wine, Anthony Reynolds. These cases represent personally curated expressions of season- appropriate wine, and because they are drawn from the ever changing range of thousands of wines that have passed through Marchtown's Glasgow shop, there will always be something new and interesting. Each case is sold blind (you find out what you have once it arrives), but will have a detailed description and tasting guide written by Anthony, aimed at enhancing the tasting experience, and helping you learn about the wine as you go.

What is so special about this Marchtown anyway?

Our philosophy is very simple. No, we mean that literally - we keep it simple. We don't like snobbery, and unfortunately, there is a lot of that in the wine world. While our team has decades of wine experience between us, we always keep in mind that (while there is a lot of study, science and specificity involved in wine) wine taste is subjective. In short, you are never 'wrong' for liking what you like, and all the wine knowledge in the world won't change that. But it is still a good source of debate, and we love debate; we're from Glasgow. Also, unlike a disappointingly large number of wine companies, we are a true, independent, small business, with ethical policies you can take without a pinch of salt. Call us and ask!

Why don't you just tell us what is inside the dang cases?

Have ye no sense for adventure? If you look up our tastings - and online reviews of our tastings - surprising people and even doing blind wine tastings (black glassware in the dark – it's great fun, you should try it some time!) you'll know that serving the unexpected is kind of a thing we do. Yes you know what you like, but you'll never know if you like what you don't know unless you find out you do or don't like it! Read that back, it makes sense, promise. So many people will decide they hate a certain grape varietal or wine country after one bad sip years ago. Madness! We don't expect everyone to love 100% of the wine 100% of the time, but we do ask that you try. What better way than this?

What kind of things can I expect to find inside in my mysterious case?

We're not telling. Expect the unexpected. Even if you stick on one wine colour, you might encounter familiar-faced grapes like Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, and Pinot Noir, or fondly-remembered regions like Languedoc, Toscana, Napa Valley, Barossa, Rioja or Marlborough. We'll also do things you might not know, like Lambrusco, Appassimento, Cadillac, Zibibbo, or Kekfrankos. Whatever happens, we will promise you this: it will normally be in a style you haven't seen before, or highlighting something you haven't noticed before. We're going to make it fun.

Do you include Organic/Biodynamic/Natural/'Orange' Wines?

The correct answer to that would be probably/probably/probably/probably. We strive to only stock low-intervention wines, made in small-scale production, and with the most environmentally kind

practices possible. Our philosophy is very simple, remember? The vast majority of what we stock will tick at least one of these boxes, however we also don't prioritise certain practices or styles to the exclusion of others. For example, some regions and countries have no choice but to forego Organic status and use pesticides if they are going to successfully make wine at all, but they can still be ethical about it. Equally, some grapes might be too pale in pigment to be made into 'Orange' Wine, but the winemaker might still adopt long periods of skin exposure in the process all the same. We choose our wines carefully, and love them all equally.

Who is choosing my delicious Wine?

Anthony Reynolds will be doing that. He is one of the founders of Marchtown – a dream project started in 2016 with two of his best pals. We have a really awesome bar and shop in the southside of Glasgow, but want to spread our brand of laid-back and fun wine advice a little further afield. Anthony has been both hobbying and working in wine since 2006, working for major wine merchants and even writing a regular column for a national newspaper! Nowadays, he picks the wines, hosts the tastings and advises customers on what wines to try. In short, he's an all-round awesome guy, and everyone really likes him. Also, he may or may not have written this profile about himself. In seriousness, have a look at our reviews online to see what we're all about.

What will my case look like?

We love running Marchtown, and are so happy doing it. The only thing we regret about it is waste. No business or household can be completely waste-free, but by gum, we can all try to limit our leavings. To that end, we often re-use boxes for wine delivery. They're clean, they're functional, they just all look a wee bit different to each other. We receive our wine supplies in dozens upon dozens cardboard boxes every week, and we have always recycled diligently. The thought of then ordering new boxes to send out our own wine, thus spinning the vicious cycle further made us puke up in our mouths a little. So sometimes, we re-pack your wine into these old boxes with some sturdy recyclable tape, and suddenly our nausea abates. If supplies run low, we use plain, sturdy, bleach-free, recycled, and widely-recyclable boxes with 100% plastic free packaging inside. No fuss, and all better for the planet.