International Respect Your Cat Day

We interrupt our normal 'Dog of the Month' programming to introduce you to



This fella is an extremely cute pain in the ass. He loves working his way into the cracks and crevices of my old flat then begging for help to get back out... Getting in amongst the plumbing behind the cupboards and cabinets is preferred. Alfie loves a blether, especially around tea time we have full blown conversations which degrade into him just mocking us. Digging in houseplants and attacking flies has kept him sane throughout lockdown 2.0, and he loves him some good bird and squirrel videos on Youtube!


This tiny little pal stays indoors because she's so petite; the other cats would bully her! Having been abandoned in her youth (thrown in a bin while pregnant, no less) she appreciates the warm and cozy indoor life, so shies away from the front door. Squish weighs barely 3kg but can still throw it around like she owns the place. In fact, when she runs at full pelt, she sounds like a miniature pony! She is a fearsome huntress, and her favourite hobby is unexpectedly pouncing on comfortable humans while they watch TV.