Share some love!

HI there.

Welcome to the first of our Monthly Blogs! We’ll let you know what’s going on in our shop and community, what our customers and friends are getting up to, and offer some suggestions for things to enjoy and get up to yourself.

This month, our theme is ‘Share Some Love’. Every day in February, we’ll be doing something nice, be it bigging up a local business, or highlighting a cause we care about, or even a series of prize giveaways! We’ll summarise these in our regular emails (join our mailing list here to get those), but to keep 100% up to speed, check our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds every day this month (very useful for entering the prize draws!).

We got a head-start this year, by sending out New Year gifts to all our subscribed Wine Club members. As you can see, it raised a few smiles, which was nice! Not a member yet? Check here and sign up today!

And lest we forget, - in the spirit of all things love (and the sharing thereof), we have just launched a brand new Valentine's themed Gift Hamper:

'A Very Marchtown Valentine'
Click here to check it out!