Marchtown Wine Club

Wine Club

Subscribe to our Wine Club for up to 20% off site-wide!

A Wine Club Subscription with Marchtown presents an amazing opportunity to get the most out of your wine (and beer) experience with us - you get:

  • Our lovely hand-selected cases, delivered to your door every other month
  • We keep track of what you've had, so you get new wine, every time
  • 20% off when you sign up for Six Bi-monthly Premium Cases
  • 10% off when you sign up for Six Bi-Monthly Signature Cases
  • 10% off when you sign up for Six Bi-Monthly Mixed Dozen Beer Cases
  • Plus - the same discount on all products site-wide after you sign up
  • First look (and dibs) on all exciting new developments and products
  • Our eternal gratitude and friendship (which is the best bit, really)

That's right - by simply pre-ordering six bi-monthly cases of your choice, you will not only get a discounted rate on those cases, but that same discount rate will be applied to any additional orders you make online with us for the life of your subscription - you can add this option on the product page for all relevant cases.

An example of how it works:

Have you got a Fancy Mixed Case arriving at your door every two months? You get 20% off them - PLUS you can get that same discount on a case of Fizz for your special occasion. Or, do you need something specific for a dinner party? Get in touch and we can arrange a bespoke case at your special Wine Club rate. Fancy something a wee bit different? Throw in a case of beer - discounted, of course!

Sounds good, eh? Go on, sign up today!

The following products are all eligible for Wine Club subscriptions:

Beers of the moment Awesome Mixed Awesome Red Awesome White Fancy Mixed Fancy White Fancy Red

Just head to your desired product page, and choose the subscription option there!