Wine Club - How It Works

Allow us to keep you right with a brief summary of our Wine Club rules:


  • The first rule of Wine Club is that you MUST talk about Wine Club. No, seriously – tell your friends, give us your feedback, make it part of your life!

  • You must be over 18 to sign up, and between you and me, we only allow cool people to join. Happily, there are no height restrictions.

  • Subscription services will consist of a commitment to have cases of wine or beer delivered to you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Life is full of difficult decisions.

  • Bi-monthly subscriptions have minimum periods of six calendar months, and monthly subscriptions have minimum periods of three calendar months. 

  • Annual 'Special Gifts' can only be issued after three months tenure of the agreement have elapsed. Like all good friends, we reward loyalty!

  • Delivery days for subscription cases will be dependent on your date of commencement. (unless you picked a really inconvenient point in the month, in which case get in touch, and we can adjust it for you - we're nice like that)

  • Unsurprisingly, subscription deliveries are subject to the same delivery terms and conditions as all other e-commerce conditions. We have a longer, more boring version of this in our T&Cs section. 

  • We will endeavour to notify you of any changes in delivery schedule, however all deliveries are ultimately subject to delivery via Courier. Such is life.

  • The initial payment will be taken at the beginning of the subscription period, subsequent payments will be automatically taken on the same day of the month on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Again, if you want to change your billing/delivery day, we're here for you, just on the other side of an email or phone call.

  • Here's the best bit: the on-going discounted rate agreed at the beginning of the subscription period will be applied to any additional e-commerce purchases made within the period of the subscription service. Let the good times roll!

  • Side effects of joining our Wine Club may include (but are not limited to): a heightened sense of when another wine shop/bar/restaurant is ripping you off; the bus driver may spot you running, wait for you, and welcome you with a smile; ølfrygt; your tastebuds may get ripped like Chris Hemsworth in a matter of weeks; increased recycling responsibilities; you may either find (or lose) a five pound note on the street; giddiness; your extensive new drinks knowledge may either impress or bore other human beings; you may find your doorbell or buzzer disappointing you every time it's not a Marchtown delivery.

How good does that Sound? Sign up today!